PedalPowerACT-AGM2017-minutes-draftPedal Power ACT ™ Annual General Meetings (AGM) were traditionally held in February but are now to be held in March.
The AGM is scheduled and conducted in accordance with the Pedal Power ACT Rules (constitution)
The next AGM will be on Tuesday 21 March 2017.

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2018 Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 20 March 2018

Southern Cross Club, Woden 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Agenda will be posted here (in PDF) early February 2018

Nomination for Board form (download in PDF)

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2017 Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 21 March 2017

Southern Cross Club, Woden 7:30 to 8:30 pm

2017 AGM draft minutes (subject to confirmation at next AGM)

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Minutes of previous Annual General Meetings

Open PDF files for year:

For minutes of earlier AGM email the Pedal Power ACT ™ office.

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Nominations for the Board

The Board (acting as the Board of Directors) manages Pedal Power ACT ™ and we are always looking for new blood to enliven the organisation. If interested, nominate for Board using the Board member nomination form.

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Typical Annual General Meeting agenda

The AGM typically includes:

  • Confirmation of the minutes of the previous general meeting
  • Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting
  • Presentation of the annual report including the financial report (normally posted on the web site some time before the AGM)
  • Adoption of the annual report
  • Election of Board members and President – using the election procedure
  • Presentation of annual awards
  • Motions on notice – substantive motions not on notice can not be addressed at the AGM
  • Other business as advised in the notice of meeting
  • Normally there is general discussion after the AGM

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Motions for consideration at the Annual General Meetings

Any motions for inclusion in the AGM agenda must be with the Pedal Power ACT ™ office at lease 28 days before the scheduled date of the meeting to enable notice to be given to all members at least 21 days prior to the date of the meeting – in accordance with the Rules.

The AGM can only address substantial motions on notice. Substantial motions can not be accepted at the meeting.

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