The governance of Pedal Power ACT is vested in a Council and Executive (office bearers), elected at each Annual General Meeting. The Pedal Power Corporate Governance Statement is available to members by contacting the Pedal Power office. The members of Pedal Power ACT are always welcome at Council meetings. General members may bring items for discussion (with due notice to the Secretary) and may participate in discussion of the item and any other business, but may not vote.

If you are interested in joining Council, nominate for election at the next Annual General Meeting.

The Financial Report for 2016 is available here. 

Rules (constitution)

Pedal Power ACT undertook a review of its Rules (Constitution) during 2012. New

New rules were adopted on 26 February 2013 at the Annual General Meeting of that date and they were modified on 16 February 2016 at the Annual General Meeting of that date when the ‘Council’ was renamed as the ‘Board’.

The previous (superseded) rules were adopted at the Annual General Meeting on 23 February 2005.


Pedal Power ACT (management) policies are under continual review and development. Procedures may be created where a policy effects the management of the organisation. The general process followed is:

  1. A policy is proposed, or required by statute.
  2. Draft is created and endorsed by Council.
  3. Draft policy is published on web site as ‘draft policy’ for member comment.
  4. Draft policy advertised to members via web site, Canberra Cyclist and e-bulletin.
  5. Final policy is prepared after consideration of member comments.
  6. Final policy is adopted by the members, usually requires a specially called meeting.
  7. Final Pedal Power policy launched, added to the rules and placed on this page.

Other governance documents include:


Pedal Power ACT membership

Pedal Power ACT is the largest cycling organisation in Australia’s Capital Territory.

We represent the interests of people who already ride bicycles and those who would like to.

We are all about supporting the community to be active and providing opportunities to do so.

Our rider's insurance covers members anytime they are on a bike, anywhere in the world - 24/7.

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