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Pedal Power supports the “a metre matters” campaign promoted by the Amy Gillett Foundation nationally to over six million Australians. We endorse their advocacy for amendments to legislation to introduce a minimum passing distance of 1 metre by drivers when overtaking bicycle riders.

The Australian Road Rules and their adoption as legislation in each State and Territory fail to address the risk of death and serious injury to bicycle riders when they are being overtaken by drivers.

Every State and Territory includes a road rule which requires “a driver overtaking a bicycle must pass at a sufficient distance to avoid a collision or obstructing the path of the bicycle.” Nearly every State and Territory recommends that drivers leave at least 1 metre when overtaking bicycle riders – but this is not the law. If this is such an emphatic recommendation, it makes sense that this should be the law. It is the law in many US States, parts of Canada and in countries in Europe.

Pedal Power joins the AGF in calling for all road users – individuals, groups and organisations to help build momentum for change by contacting their local Member of Parliament asking for a 1 metre minimum overtaking distance to become law.

At Pedal Power, we encourage you support to this important work by sending a letter to local members of the Legislative Assembly. A pro-forma letter is accessible here  – share this communication through your own network. The more letters sent, the stronger the message.
If you would like to know more about the inititaive, here a couple of releveant papers:



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