cpfAbout the Advocacy group

The advocacy team are volunteers who ride bikes. We meet regularly either at our homes or the Pedal Power Office (with food and wine!) to get things done. We’re focused, streetsmart and happy (because we cycle!).

New team members are welcome.

For more information, email us.

Our values

The advocacy team provides solutions to increase or improve transport and recreational cycling by:

  • deciding on solutions that will get the most people cycling for the least money
  • building relationships with key decision makers to understand their needs so that it is easier to sell appropriate solutions
  • marketing cycling generally, proposing cycling solutions, presenting them to the right people at the right time, and explaining how the solution will deliver outcomes for both decision makers and the community
  • encouraging and helping others to advocate for cycling, e.g. members, non-members, other cycling groups
  • being reliable and maintaining integrity. Our credibility depends on being accurate and factual.

Our strategy

Pedal Power has a vision for cycling in Canberra in 2030. We want to get more people on bikes in Canberra, by changing the way decision makers and the community think about cycling, roads and services—working towards a community where the bike is the preferred mode of transport.

By understanding the factors that both encourage and discourage people from riding bicycles, the advocacy team can advocate solutions to decision makers and the community.

Our planning approach

Pedal Power advocates different facilities at different locations depending on the perceived demand and any available opportunities as there is not one solution for all locations, e.g.:

  • separated cycle lanes/cycle only path for the Civic Cycle Loop
  • shared paths to the airport path and Jerrabomberra Wetlands path
  • cycle lanes for Dickson-Woden cycle lanes and Cotter Road.

Our results

We have been quite successful over the years:

  • From 2005 to 2009, we were awarded community grants by Australian Ethical Investment to do our work.
  • We have won the Cycling Promotion Fund’s:
    • 2008 Award for Special Achievement by a Bicycle Organisation
    • 2004 Honorary Cycling Advocate of the Year (runner-up)
    • 2003 National Award for Media
    • 2002 National Bicycling Achievement Award for Advocacy.

Many of the solutions we have advocated have been implemented including:

  • $16 million for cycling and walking capital works, signage and on-going maintenance announced in the May 2009 ACT budget
  • $2.5 million for cycle path, cycle lane and footpath maintenance and directional signage in the December 2008 ACT mini-budget
  • $3.6 million in funding for cycle projects in the 2008-09 ACT budget including Cotter Rd cycle lanes, Jerrabomberra wetlands path, directional signage and State Circle cycle lanes
  • building of the $2.75 million Downer-Woden on-road cycling link
  • the best bicycle parking guidelines in Australia
  • introduction of bike racks on intertown 300-series buses
  • much-improved cycling and walking engineering design standards.

By the way…

… we don’t use the word ‘cyclist’. Here’s why!