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At any time, the Advocacy Team is undertaking a number of activities. For the most up to date activities, click on the links on the right hand section of this page

Other recent work carried out by Pedal Power’s Advocacy Team includes:

ACT Compulsory Third Party Insurance Review Submission

Pedal Power submission to NCA for Northborne Plaza – Alinga Street stop

Pedal Power ACT response to the ACT 2016-17 Budget

Read the media release here

Submission about the Kings Ave/Parkes Way Overpass Pedestrian Lights

Read the submission here

Feedback on the Belconnen Draft Master Plan

Pedal Power ACT welcomes the draft Belconnen Master Plan (MP) as a constructive approach to improving the design of the Belconnen Town Centre (BTC). If properly realised, it will begin to lift the centre from its outmoded 1970’s layout dominated by private motor vehicles into an urban area where walking, cycling and public transport are encouraged.

Our Advocacy Team have produced detailed comments on the planning strategies, including areas where we think the draft plan can be improved.

The feedback submission is now available.

Submission to the Dickson Coles supermarket Development Application

Read the submission here and read the briefing paper on shopping by bike that we sent to Coles: Dickson shop by bike Jan15

Article submission to the Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety

Road safety and cycling – a view from the handlebars. John Armstrong and Roger Bacon (p53). ACRS Journal Nov 2014

Submission to the 2015-16 Budget consultationbudget

Pedal Power ACT inputted a detailed submission to the 2015-16 Budget consultation process. Our submission argued for $50m over 4 years, which is still modest by world standards. Such an increase would be more than offset by savings in public health and vehicle infrastructure, and would help achieve all the Government’s budget goals. This submission takes a project-based approach, arguing for specific capital works which will encourage cycling participation by a wide range of people in the ‘8 to 80’ age group. Read the submission in full here: Budget submission 2015-16 final

Draft Carriage of Goods and Bikes on ACTION Buses Policies

Read Pedal Power ACT’s submission  here. You can read a news story on this consultation at this link.

Submission to Woden Master Plan 2014

Woden Masterplan Pedal Power_Submission 2014_final

The ACT City Plan

The ACT City Plan is designed to focuses on the development of Civic and its surrounds – its role, transport, future growth and infrastructure improvement.

Unfortunately, the draft City Plan only mentions cycling in passing and is virtually silent on how cycling is to be encouraged. Most of the detailed analysis concentrates on the need to manage motor vehicle traffic and improve amenity for pedestrians.

Pedal Power ACT submitted comments on the draft ACT City Plan. The comments concentrate on ensuring that cycling is included in making Civic a success. Our submission points out that many of the world’s most cosmopolitan and vibrant city centres have efficient sustainable transport systems including cycling and that a lively city centre needs people, but they need not only arrive by car, bus or light rail – far more people would visit or pass through Civic if cycling was encouraged.

The Pedal Power ACT submission specifically addresses:

  • What cycling offers to Civic
  • Who can cycle to Civic
  • Guidelines that should be used for including cycling facilities
  • Allowing space for cycling
  • Planning for vulnerable road users
  • Creating a vibrant space for all users
  • Planning for likely cycling routes
  • Creating coherent, visible routes
  • Integration with public transport
  • End of trip facilities
  • Planning for bike-share

ACT Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users

Pedal Power ACT made a written submission to the ACT Legislative Assembly ‘Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users’ (ie, people walking or riding bikes or motorbikes). The Inquiry is being conducted by the Standing Committee on Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services. The Committee is due to report on 5 June 2014.

The issue of vulnerable road users includes:

  1. An examination of national and international best practice approaches to protecting and encouraging vulnerable road users, including through regulation, infrastructure, design, education and funding arrangements;
  2. Gathering evidence from the community and experts about issues faced by vulnerable road users and potential improvements;
  3. Recommending changes to be made in the ACT to better protect and encourage vulnerable road users; and
  4. Any other relevant matter.

Pedal Power ACT has made a presentation to the Committee. See the PowerPoint slides VRUI Pedal Power Presentation

A Queensland parliamentary committee recently undertook a comprehensive investigation into ways in which to improve the interaction between cyclists and other road users. Their conclusions are generally in line with the Pedal Power ACT objectives. Their useful report is:

A new direction for cycling in Queensland
Report No. 39 – Inquiry into Cycling Issues
Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee
November 2013

The guiding principles the Committee applied in formulating their recommendations include:

  • Reducing cycling injury and fatality rates on roads by the physical separation of bicycle riders and motor vehicles wherever possible and making specific provision for riding bicycles where physical separation is not possible
  • Increasing cycling participation rates and ‘normalising’ cycling as a mode of transport
  • Increasing the acceptance of cyclists as legitimate road users and impressing on all road users their obligations to ‘share the road’
  • ‘Humanising’ the image of people who ride bicycles in the eyes of other road users, thereby overcoming the often harmful consequences of cyclists being considered ‘outliers’
  • Providing increased protection for all vulnerable road users.

The Committee made recommendations on a wide-range of matters in an attempt to comprehensively address improving cyclist safety and the interaction between cyclists and other road users. These recommendations encompass the following:

  • Amendments to the Road rules, including the introduction of a minimum motor vehicle overtaking lateral distance to a cyclists
  • A proposed new criminal offense for causing serious injury or death to a vulnerable road user
  • Amended penalties and sanctions for breaches of the Road Rules
  • The development of road and cycling infrastructure that meets best practice standards
  • A comprehensive suite of education and awareness strategies
  • Establishment of a lead government agency on cycling to provide oversight, management and coordination of cycling related matters.

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