Electric Bikes for Public Servants

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Pedal-assisted electric bicycles are being trialed in ACT government workplaces, where workers can choose to use the bikes for short trips instead of cars or taxis.

The Canberra Times reports,

Eight e-bikes will used at workplaces along the Northbourne-Civic corridor, where it is expected there will be high usage for short trips between ACT government offices. The bikes will be shared across four government directorates.

"Not only will e-bikes help to reduce Canberra's greenhouse gas emissions, they will reduce transport-related costs including taxi fares, car parking and fleet car running costs," Environment Minister Simon Corbell said.

The bikes are similar to regular bicycles so riders still need to pedal although the electric motor makes it easier.

Environment and Planning finance and operations director Bruce Fitzgerald said the bikes would be fitted with GPS tracking to monitor how they are used, which will inform future policy work.

The trial is part of the Government's 'Healthy Weight Initiative'.

Do you think the local government is doing enough to support healthier, more environmentally sound choices like cycling?

Pedal Power ACT 2016 Election Forum is a chance to ask the politicians what else they plan to do to promote cycling in ACT.

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  1. Nigel Ridgway 29/08/2016 at 12:01 PM - 

    Terrific idea and well done ACT Government! It would be great to hear what uptake there is, in six to twelve months time.

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