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Pedal Power ACT is an organisation run by bike riders for bike riders – the vast majority of whom are volunteersPP-Forum-1 who give their time because they are passionate about cycling in Canberra.

That is why we believe that every bike riders in the ACT should be able to have a say on cycling issues that affect them. We encourage all bike riders to get involved and to engage with Pedal Power ACT to add their voice to our Advocacy program.

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Pedal Power ACT’s Advocacy Team is broadening its approach to cycling advocacy work to secure a better cycling environment in the ACT that gets more Canberrans cycling more often.

The Infrastructure Advocacy Team will continue to work on improving the physical environment and infrastructure in the ACT.

In 2016 we are forming another team to work on other aspects of the cycling environment, in particular Safety. The Safety Team will work to create a safer, more enjoyable and more widely supported everyday mainstream activity for people of all ages, in particular for those who would ride but currently don’t.

The overall aim for Advocacy is for:

  • Pedal Power ACT to remain respected by Government as the peak organisation in the ACT representing non-competitive cycling interests
  • Pedal Power ACT to be widely understood by the community as the organisation that seeks to create a safer and better cycling environment in the ACT
    the cycling environment in the ACT is enhanced and well maintained.
  • Each Team works separately and has a Leader.  Members of each Team will set, work on and manage the Team’s priorities and prepare material for Pedal Power ACT’s web site, magazine, e- bulletin and Facebook page.

Any members of Pedal Power ACT may ask to join either Team.  We are looking for new members to join both teams.  The experienced volunteers working on infrastructure would appreciate more help.  While a couple of members have been working on safety, particularly on the Vulnerable Road User enquiry recommendations, we are looking for more people to work in the Safety Team, and on Pedal Power’s ACT election forum later this year .

We’d like to hear from you if you have: imagination, passion, realism and common sense; research and writing skills (especially writing soundly based and persuasive submissions); analysis and archiving of information; meeting skills (active listening, constructive participation and recording notes); negotiation skills; campaign and event organisation skills (forums etc); communication and networking skills.

As well as the general skills listed above, we particularly value people who understand traffic engineering and can read technical manuals and drawings, though it’s by no means essential to be part of the Infrastructure Advocacy Team.

The activities of each team:

All fired up to jump on board? Send us an email with some details about yourself and where you’d like to help –


You can also access a range of useful links on Advocacy in general by clicking on the links below:

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