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Pedal Power ACT provided the following feedback to the Land Development Agency as part of the Canberra Brickworks development.

Pedal Power ACT welcomes the opportunity to comment on this development and to place the perspective of our 5,700 members and the 79,000 Canberrans who ride a bicycle for transport, recreation or fun each week.

Pedal Power applauds the effort that has been made in the latest design to ameliorate community concerns about traffic. We consider there is scope to further improve the design and to provide a strong design statement that active travel is the easiest and most convenient form of travel to, from, and within the site by providing:

  • family friendly separated cycle lanes, rather than on-road lanes, on each side of the main road into and through the development, (Central Street) from the trunk cycle route at Novar St to the brickworks;
  • separated cycle lanes across the Mint interchange bridge to provide a safer connection to Deakin and the south bound trunk cycling route;
  • a three metre separated perimeter shared path around the development; and
  • a separated cycle lane from the development to Yarralumla shops.

These proposals are illustrated on the attached plan of walking and cycling facilities and are described below.

The site is ideally located for cycling journeys, i.e. journeys of up to 5 km. It will be convenient for people to cycle to Woden for work, shopping and entertainment or to the Parliamentary triangle for work or to visit its national institutions. Civic, Barton and

Russell are also readily cycleable from the site. The old brickworks will attract people out for a ride around the lake, with ready access via the main trunk route through the green belt in Yarralumla and via a potential link alongside Dunrossil Drive.

Given the advantages that the site presents, Pedal Power considers more should be done to make a strong planning statement that the Brickworks development is a premier location for active travel.

The plans indicate on-road cycle lanes on Central St. This will suit the keen and confident. However separated lanes will be much more family friendly and suitable forthe entire cycling cohort in the 8 to 80 age range. Separated lanes make a much stronger statement that this is an active travel precinct.

While a path from Central St (and possibly other streets) will make a connection to the northbound cycle trunk route towards the Parliamentary triangle, Russell and Civic, a better, safer connection to the southbound trunk route is needed. On road lanes across the proposed Mint Interchange Bridge will not attract the interested but concerned and cautious riders. Rather, separated lanes across the bridge will meet this need.

Residents currently enjoy walking though the site’s natural setting. The proposed parks in

Dennison St and the quarry are in a sense islands. A perimeter path around the entire development would help replicate the current opportunities for a long walk amongst the trees. It should be at least three metres wide to enable people to walk and ride without getting in each other’s way. It could be gravel in some sections to provide a link with style of current informal paths.

Finally, a safe and convenient cycle link needs to be made from the development to Yarralumla shops. We envisage the shops being a popular cycle destination given the relatively short distance involved.

Pedal Power trusts the LDA will see the merit of our proposals and incorporate them into the plans.


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