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Bikes are fairly simple machines and you can do a lot of maintenance yourself – after instruction.  As a minimum, you should know how to do roadside repairs to get out of trouble.  Pedal Power’s bike maintenance courses will help you learn how to do basic maintenance yourself (Bike Basics) or more advanced maintenance (Intermediate Courses), and to identify when you need to call in the professionals!

Our courses are now open to non-members too (although you’ll get a discount if you are a member)!

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Courses for 2017:

Jan 22 Intermediate 1 and Basic

Feb 25 Intermediate 2 and Basic

March 19 Intermediate 1 and Basic

April 30 Intermediate 2 and Basic

May 28 Intermediate 1 and Basic

June 25 Intermediate 2 and Basic

Aug 20 Intermediate 1 and Basic

Sept 17 Intermediate 2 and Basic

Oct 15 Intermediate 1 and Basic

Nov 19 Intermediate 2 and Basic

Dec 10 Intermediate 1 and Basic

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