Pedal Power limits its liability

The following terms and conditions applying to all Pedal Power rides.

By coming on a Pedal Power ride, you accept these conditions:

1.   When requested by the ride leader before starting a ride you will complete a ride sign-on sheet that nominates an emergency contact and in which you accept these conditions of entry.

2.   Cycling can be a hazardous activity, particularly in traffic or among pedestrians. You accept you are at risk and may suffer or cause injury or property loss or damage. You must take care to avoid injury or damage to yourself and others.

3.   If you are under 18 years of age you must be accompanied by a suitable adult throughout the ride.

4.   You confirm that you and any children in your care have sufficient competence and experience to participate safely in the ride.

5.   You agree to waive to the extent permitted by law, any claim, right or cause of action which:

  • you personally, and
  • each child in your care, and
  • your and your child’s heirs, executors and administrators

may have in contract and civil wrongs law, arising from any personal injury, damage or loss arising out of the ride.

This release from liability operates in contract law in favour of Pedal Power ACT Incorporated, and all officers, members, volunteers and employees of Pedal Power and all sponsors of the ride or event and operates whether the damage is due to any act or neglect of any of them.

6.   You agree to wear a helmet or show the ride leader a current medical exemption for a helmet.

7.   You agree to obey all road rules whilst on the ride.

8.   You are totally self sufficient and provide your own water, food, tools, pump, spares, puncture repair kits, first aid materials and whatever else you desire on unsupported rides unless explicitly stated otherwise.


The ride sign on sheet is an essential risk mitigation tool for the ride leader, other riders in the group and Pedal Power. The ride leader may ask a person who does not sign the sheet to not ride with the group. Please do not argue with the ride leader—they are a volunteer giving up their time for the benefit of the group. Email any gripes to the Pedal Power office.

You should have your own personal liability insurance and accident cover. If you are a current financial member of Pedal Power you are covered by Pedal Power’s third party legal liability and personal accident insurance policy.

If you do not have a helmet, or a current medical exemption for one, you will not be allowed to ride with the group.

Rides are graded—check the grading so you will have a comfortable and enjoyable ride.


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