Pedal Power ACT Insurance Cover for Members

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Pedal Power members are covered by personal accident insurance and public liability insurance. Our insurance partner is V-Insurance . Please note: all insurance cover ceases on the expiry date of your Pedal Power membership. The insurance coverage commences from the time that Pedal Power ACT receives payment of the annual membership fee, and expires 12-months after at 11.59pm. Prompt renewal of membership is recommended to ensure you remain covered!

Personal accident insurance

All new and renewing memberships include personal accident cover (this is not an opt-out service). It covers recreational bicycle, unicycle or tricycle riding world wide! Our policy encompasses the following benefits to members:
i) The applicable schedule of benefits are at 100% claimable level, 24/7 whenever a member is riding their bike.
ii) The claimable limit for non-Medicare medical expenses is $7,500 maximum per injury.
iii) The maximum reimbursement for loss of income claims – for time off work with injury – is 85% of your income up to $1,000 per week, for up to 52 weeks.

Note: By law you can not be insured for treatments that are covered by Medicare.

Our personal accident insurance program is designed to provide a safety net for members; those seeking additional security may be advised to consider private medical cover and income protection.

Public liability/third party insurance

Third party liability insurance for your motor vehicle is compulsory and most of us wouldn't think twice about the necessity of such insurance. It makes sense to have similar coverage and peace of mind when riding your bike. Our Public Liability policy rolled over at $20 million cover and just like our Personal Accident Cover, Pedal Power members are covered 24 hours per day - 7 days per week in all recreational cycling and in any events. This includes non sanctioned Cycling Australia/Mountain Bike Australia and BMX Australia events. This insurance protects Pedal Power members against claims of up to $20 million by other people, if you injure them or damage their property, while riding your bicycle anywhere in the world. It does not cover injury to yourself or your property, but does covers you when you are racing in a competition. Please note that there is $750 excess to be paid by the claimant on each claim.

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Volunteers' insurance

Pedal Power members injured while working in a voluntary capacity for Pedal Power may be covered by the insurance policy. Contact the Pedal Power Office immediately if you have been injured when acting as volunteer for Pedal Power.

Making a claim

Should you need to make a claim please contact the Pedal Power office on 02 6248 7995 or email.  Alternatively download a claim form, complete it and send it to the Pedal Power office.

Please note that the Pedal Power members insurance does not cover theft or damage to bicycles, helmets or other cycling accessories.



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Pedal Power ACT is the largest cycling organisation in Australia’s Capital Territory.

We represent the interests of people who already ride bicycles and those who would like to.

We are all about supporting the community to be active and providing opportunities to do so.

Our rider's insurance covers members anytime they are on a bike, anywhere in the world - 24/7.

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