Pedal Power ACT offers 12-month memberships for individuals and households.  Not only do you receive many benefits, including 24/7 insurance, you will also be supporting our advocacy team and the volunteers that run other programs and events.

Membership benefits

As a Pedal Power member you get:

* Subscription to the Canberra Cyclist magazine is only included in full price memberships.

Types of membership

Category until 31 January 2019 from 1 February 2019
Individual 12-month $80 $90
Household 12-month $130 $145
Student 12-month $43 $50
Cycling Australia affiliate 12-month $43 $50

Note: Members who have a Household Membership that expires in February may have received letters addressed to their residential address, but to a person that does not reside at there. Due to a mail merge file issue, these letters were sent in error. Pedal Power apologises for any confusion. If you receive a letter from us that is not addressed to you, please do not open it. Kindly mark the letter ‘return to sender’ and post it back to us. New letters have now been mailed out to Household Members who renew in February.

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Pedal Power ACT membership

Pedal Power ACT is the largest cycling organisation in Australia’s Capital Territory.

We represent the interests of people who already ride bicycles and those who would like to.

We are all about supporting the community to be active and providing opportunities to do so.

Our rider's insurance covers members anytime they are on a bike, anywhere in the world - 24/7.

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