This page gives guidance on how to contact the relevant authorities in relation to pedal-cycle related matters, to report a hazard and/or to request action.

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Involve the Advocacy Team

The Pedal Power ACT Advocacy Team has specific current issues and undertakes advocacy work for all pedal-cycle related things in the ACT. At any time the specific current issues as given on the Advocacy web page. If you want to contact the authorities in relation to something relating to a ‘current issue’ it would be preferable if you did that through the Advocacy Team – for a consistent approach to government and to prevent conflicting messages.

Queanbeyan Region Bicycle Users Group deals with pedal-cycle issues in Queanbeyan.

For pedal-cycle matters of concern for the authorities that are not covered by a specific current issue, then please ask the Advocacy Team if they will take up your issue. If they consider your issue will stretch their resources, then consider joining the Advocacy Team and championing your issue using all the strengths and resources of the Team – there is nothing trying so hard as ‘self interest’.

Policy related matters are best dealt with by the Advocacy Team rather than individuals – the is strength in the reputation of the organisation, the corporate knowledge of the Team and consistency of approach.

Contact with ministers and senior bureaucrats is, usually, best done through the Advocacy Team so that we can be consistent in our approach, put matters into context, utilise previous experience of government policy and historical precedents. In that way, we should have more successful outcomes.

Contact the relevant authorities to report hazards and maintenance needs (contact details below) and, at the same time, please advise the Advocacy Team what you requested ( In that way the Advocacy Team can keep abreast of what is required and, where appropriate, give you support and/or include your request in current activities or as the basis for new activities.

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Report a hazard or request action

Pedal Power ACT encourages all pedal-cycle riders to give feedback to government authorities on the condition of the community paths, footpaths, on-road cycle lanes, roads and any other things that affect riding.

The authorities can not be everywhere and can not undertake day to day inspections of all the facilities (we do not pay sufficient taxes for that!). They rely on people reporting defects, hazards and maintenance requirements. So your reporting of such things is important to the maintenance the facilities and the removal of hazards.

We have a separate page relating reporting cycling hazards.

If something is dangerous or a hazard say that in your report as in that way the authorities will know that they should take urgent action. However, do not say something is a hazard if it is not as that will reduce the effectiveness of the feedback process.

The more we report things that require attention the better will be our riding.

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ACT Government feedback website

Use the ACT Government’s Access Canberra ‘Fix My Street‘ site to ask a question, report an incident, make a complaint or provide feedback to the ACT Government.

The ACT Government has a good reputation for responding to reports via the feedback website.

For hazards requiring an urgent fix phone the Canberra connect on 13 22 81

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NSW Councils feedback

For contact the appropriate local government council to ask a question, report an incident, make a complaint or provide feedback to the Council. Details of NSW local councils see the NSW local government directory.

Contact details and websites of the councils adjacent to the ACT are:

Email Website Phone
Email Queanbeyan City Council Queanbeyan City Council 02 6298 0211
Email Yass Valley Council Yass Valley Council 02 6226 1477
Email Upper Lachlan Shire Upper Lachlan Shire 02 4830 1000
Email Plerang Council Palerang Council 1300 735 025
 Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW
(for major roads not controlled by local councils)
13 17 82

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Phone apps for reporting

There are phone apps that let you take a photo, select a category, type a message, and then press the send button and works out which council to contact by using the phone’s GPS data. That’s all it takes and the appropriate ACT Government department or local council gets your report within seconds.

Note: Pedal Power ACT does not endorse those apps and does not guarantee that they are safe to use or that they work correctly.

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Harassed by a car driver or passenger

With a few very minor exceptions, bicycles have the right to be treated as any other vehicle on the road: it’s in the traffic rules. However, sometimes, bicycles are threatened or endangered by the greater weight and speed of cars and/or objects thrown from a car. If this happens to you, you can (and often should) do something about it:

Of course the police can only take action if your can give them details of the incident including the vehicle type and registration number – often very difficult. If possible take photographs and make notes as soon as possible after the incident.

Reporting all incidents, even in general terms, adds to the general knowledge of the police and can encourage them to take what ever action is appropriate – in your case and in general terms.

See more information on our ‘Harassed by a car?‘ page.

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Involved in a collision

Head the advice given in our ‘Been in a crash?‘ page.

Police will only attend collisions when vehicles require towing or serious injuries have occurred. Each party involved in the collision is required by law to provide their name and address to the other party.

If you are involved in a collision in the ACT you must report the incident to the police within 24 hours.

If police attended the collision, then that is sufficient reporting.

If you complete and submit the AFP crash report form (available on the Canberra Connect website) then you do not need to attend an ACT Police Station to comply with the statutory reporting requirement.

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ACT government

The ACT Government is responsible to all pedal-cycle related matters in the ACT except for those covered by the National Capital Authority.

Most pedal-cycle related matters are the responsibility of the Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS). The Roads and Transport section are, amongst other things, responsible for roads, traffic lights, driveways, community path maintenance and upkeep, cycling and walking, street lighting, stormwater facilities and ACTION buses. The Parks and Recreation section is, amongst other things, responsible for urban parks (town, district and neighbourhood parks), community paths within urban parks (but Roads and Transport undertake the maintenance work) national parks and reserves, other recreational areas.

This website gives details of the ACT Government Ministers and their portfolios and contact details.

Use the ACT Government Directory as a guide to key people, organisations, functions undertaken and services delivered in the ACT Government.

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National Capital Authority (NCA)

The functions of the NCA include:

  1. Preparation, administration, review and amend the National Capital Plan
  2. Recommend, commission and undertake works in Designated Areas in accordance with the Plan
  3. Manage National Land with the national capital

NCA web site

Address any matters relating to things on National Land – including community paths, parks, events, etc – to the NCA.

Location: Treasury Building, King Edward Terrace, Parkes ACT 260
Ph: (02) 6271 2888

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National Land in the ACT

  • Lake Burley Griffin
  • Aspen, Spinnaker and Springbank Islands
  • Commonwealth, Kings and Lodge Parks
  • Acton Peninsula
  • Parliamentary Zone
  • Old Parliament House Gardens
  • National Rose Gardens
  • ANZAC Parade
  • Stirling Ridge Woodlands
  • Yarramundi Conservation Grasslands
  • Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum
  • Dunrossil Drive
  • Diplomatic Estates in Yarralumla, Deakin and O’Malley

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Police contacts

ACT policing The police force covering the ACT ACT Policing web site
NSW Police – Queanbeyan 8 Farrer Place, Queanbeyan
Open 24 hours
02 6298 0555
Queanbeyan Police web site
(all states)
In immediate danger, an offender is still in the vicinity, or there is a serious crash. Triple zero (000) and ask for police and remain on the phone until police arrive.
Crime Stoppers
(all states)
Report illegal activity, information on unsolved crimes. You may remain anonymous. 1800 333 000 (toll free)
Crime Stoppers report form
Police attendance
(all states except Victoria)
Require police assistance, but there is no immediate danger. Report suspicious activity, theft, car accident with no serious injury or harassment by car drivers or passengers. 131 444
Vic –
contact local police station
ACT Policing Traffic Intelligence team Report information about traffic related matters or activity – including harassment of people riding pedal-cycles. The information is recorded to assist targeting offending vehicle/s, associated persons and traffic hot spots. Traffic Intelligence team web site
To make a report to the traffic intelligence team use the Crime Stoppers report form

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