Bikes are fairly simple machines and you can do a lot of maintenance yourself - after instruction.  As a minimum, you should know how to do roadside repairs to get out of trouble.  Pedal Power's bike maintenance courses will help you learn how to do basic maintenance yourself (Bike Basics) or more advanced maintenance (Intermediate Courses), and to identify when you need to call in the professionals!

Our courses are now open to non-members too (although you'll get a discount if you are a member)!

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Courses Currently Available:


Bike Basics - Sunday 24 JUNE 2018 - 1.30-5.30

Bike Basics - Sunday 26 AUGUST 2018 - 1.30-5.30

Bike Basics - Sunday 23 SEPTEMBER 2018 - 1.30-5.30

$40 Members / Non members $55




Intermediate Course 2 - Sunday 24 JUNE 2018 - 8:30-12:30

Intermediate Course 1 - Sunday 26 AUGUST 2018 - 8:30-12:30

Intermediate Course 2 - Sunday 23 SEPTEMBER 2018 - 8:30-12:30

$45 Members /$60 Non Members



Bike Basics

If you own a bike and ride regularly or occasional, don’t be caught out with a mechanical failure. Our Bike Basic courses are run monthly.

Learn the following maintenance basics:

  • Repairing a puncture
  • Chain cleaning
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Bicycle accessories
  • Tool kit essentials – what to carry when riding




Intermediate: Course 1 or Course 2

Following on from Bike Basics this course is ideal for the budding home mechanic. We offers two intermediate courses each focusing on different areas of the bicycles and are run on alternate months.  Each course focuses on specific areas of the bike and covers inspection, servicing and replacement of parts and how to correctly use the tools.

Course 1 – Gears and Brakes

Gears - working on and discussing:

  • Front & Rear gears for both mountain & road bikes.
  • Cable adjustments - inspect for cable damage both inner & outer cables and replacement.
  • Bent and worn derailleurs & hangers.
  • Worn chains & cassettes.

Brakes – working on and discussing:

  • Brakes for both mountain & road bikes
  • Road callipers, V-brakes, Cantilever brakes & mechanical disc brakes.
  • Brake cable adjustments making sure brakes are mounted correctly.
  • Pad inspection, adjustment and replacement.

Inspecting brake cables for both inners and outer cables.




Course 2 – Cranks, Bottom Bracket, Hubs and Headsets

Cranks & Bottom Bracket – working on and discussing:

  • Removal and replacing cranks
  • Discuss types and sizes of B/B
  • Removal and replacing bottom bracket
  • Inspect for worn parts & damaged bearings

Hubs – working on and discussing:

  • Opening up and inspecting hubs
  • Viewing for damage
  • Regrease and adjusting

Headsets – working on and discussing:

  • Removal and replacement of headset
  • Adjusting headset




 Bike maintenace tool kit







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