2015 Crash Report Finds Vulnerable Road Users at Risk

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Data from the 2015 Crash Report has shown that the only upward trend in casualties were those involving vulnerable road users.

"The ACT Road Crash report is interesting in that it provides some mixed outcomes,” said Pedal Power ACT CEO John Armstrong. “It is disturbing to find that the only trend upwards is in relation to vulnerable road users.”

“This must send a message to all those capable of pursuing a “Towards Zero” road safety target that there needs to be some focused attention to improved infrastructure for bike riders. There needs to be a stronger awareness campaign for all road users and the ACT community will demand this.”

“If ever there was an impetus required to pursue a speedy implementation of the Vulnerable Road User outcomes, then the Crash Data for 2015 is it.”

The report recognises that the ACT has a greater cycling participation rate than the national average, and for this reason the government has started to introduce new reforms to protect cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Last week the Government introduced measures aimed at addressing awareness of vulnerable road users through new driver competency training and testing that focuses on how to drive safely around pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

These reforms are an encouraging sign, but there is far more that the Government could do in order to show Canberrans that cycling on ACT roads is safe.

“It is interesting that the number of casualties appears to be leveling out in recent years and this is a direct match to the participation data - indicating the same flat-lining. It sends a message that, if we genuinely seek to increase the number of people riding in the ACT we need to do more or do different.” said Armstrong.

The Pedal Power ACT Election Forum on 27 September will address these concerns by giving the cycling community an opportunity to ask ACT politicians how they plan to keep vulnerable road users safe. Register here and come along.

Table 1.3 Road Crash Report

Read the 2015 Crash report here.


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