2016 ACT Election Forum: Make Canberra the Cycling Capital

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“We want a government that not only supports but actively works for – invests money and time in – making it easier for more people to ride bikes in Canberra.”

This was the message to politicians at Pedal Power’s 2016 ACT Election Forum, where Labor’s Meegan Fitzharris, the Greens’ Shane Rattenbury and Liberal Alistair Coe discussed their parties’ commitments to cycling and cycling infrastructure with leading ACT cycling experts.

Fixing the missing links, promoting cyclo-tourism in the ACT and Labor’s announcement about making the Belconnen Town Centre more bike-friendly were the big winners of the night, with all three politicians agreeing that cycling infrastructure in Canberra needs work if Canberra is to become the cycling capital of Australia.

When questioned about the gaps in cycling infrastructure, Fitzharris admitted that she herself had been frustrated by paths that just end – “I drive past paths like that every day” – and suggested that if elected, a Labor Government would undertake a comprehensive audit process.

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Image credit: Canberra Times

Image credit: Canberra Times

Pre-poll voting begins, as major parties pledge cycling infrastructure

Pre-polling for October's ACT election began on Tuesday, as the major parties delivered funding pledges to entice early voters.

It comes as both Labor and the Greens promised major spends on cycle infrastructure. Labor promised green bins for every home and to build a $4.7 million Belconnen bikeway, while the Greens pledged studies into setting up a bike share scheme and building cycle hubs across Canberra.

The bike infrastructure announcements were made at an election forum hosted by cycle advocates Pedal Power in Civic on Tuesday night.

Labor's dedicated bike-only path would connect the Belconnen town centre to the University of Canberra and Canberra Institute of Technology in Bruce.


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ACT Labor's plans for the Belconnen Town Centre

ACT Labor's plans for the Belconnen Town Centre

Labor proposes $4.7m UC-CIT-town centre bikeway for Belconnen

A re-elected Labor government would spend $4.7 million to build a dedicated 3m to 4m-wide bikeway connecting the Belconnen town centre, the University of Canberra, Radford College and the Canberra Institute of Technology’s Bruce campus.

Minister for Transport and City Services Meegan Fitzharris announced the proposed bikeway during a speech at cycling lobby group Pedal Power’s election forum tonight.

“This project will build a purpose built bikeway, separated from traffic and pedestrians, to connect the whole Belconnen town centre and our education institutions in Bruce,” Ms Fitzharris said.

“It will include new kerbing, new pavement, signage, line marking, and bollards to separate traffic from cyclists, and road improvements.”

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You can also catch up on all the action from the Election Forum on Twitter @ACTPedalPower and #PPActVotes


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