A Night of Celebration for New Horizons Graduates

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Thursday 13 November saw a special event being held to recognise the achievements of graduates of Pedal Power’s recent New Horizons program.

New Horizons is a long running Pedal Power training course aimed at getting those who lack confidence and need some guidance and support, onto the next level of cycling on the roads and on regular social rides… such as the First Wanderers (see elsewhere on Pedal Power news this week!)

The special night was held at the Hartley Lifecare Training Room in Pearce.  Graduates shared their delight at their achievements and on how far they had come since the beginning of the course.  As New Horizons Co-ordinator Beth Johnston commented: “There were laughs about various incidents – recollections of a small few bruises and thoughts about ‘maybe if I sabotage my brakes, I can get my husband to come and pick me up from Tharwa’ – but I’m glad to say that particular graduate made it home!”

Graduates expressed their gratitude to the coaches and volunteers for their help and support throughout the program.

Pedal Power Executive Officer John Armstrong also congratulated the graduates, saying: “Pedal Power’s New Horizons program is central to our key aim to get more people cycling in the ACT – especially those less represented groups such as women and the over 45s in general. We recognise how difficult it can be to get back into the saddle after a long time away from riding – especially with the changes in traffic systems and flows over the year. That is why we are delighted that this intake has not only taken the plunge to get involved but have thrived within the program to become proficient bike riders in the ACT. I congratulate each and every one of them and look forward to next year’s intake.”    

Those who completed the program and were present that evening received certificates of participation (see photo).

Back row from left:  Wendy Studman, Justine Ryan, Venica Byrne, Gale Funston, Kim Ryan, Sue Bonnett, Sue Lake, Jenny Dunstan, Kristin Keats.  Front row from left:  Peng Cheah, Sarlae McAlpine, Rosemary Dupont, Cecilia Melano, Sue Cassidy and Sujartha George.

Certificates are being mailed out to those who could not attend on the night (Neil Horbury, Olga Calvert, Helen Moylan, Sandy Wheildon).

The New Horizons riding skills sessions and rides are all conducted by qualified cycling instructors and accompanied by experienced cyclists. The next New Horizons program will take place in February 2015 – please email us on office@pedalpower.org.au for updates or to register your interest.


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