ACTION policy change eases travel of folding bikes

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Good news from ACTION buses.

ACTION is to be congratulated on recently changing their policy so that people can take folding bikes onto buses, without the need to put bikes in bags.

Conditions apply and are listed below. Please ensure you read all the conditions before you take your fold up bike onto an ACTION bus.

  • Normal fares apply for passengers who bring a fold up bike onto the bus.
  • Fold up bikes must be secured in the folded position prior to boarding the bus. Drivers are not required to wait for riders to fold their bikes.
  • Fold up bikes must be designed to be carried on public transport. Improvised or non-standard bikes may not be carried onto an ACTION bus.
  • Drivers may refuse carriage of a fold up bike if they deem it to be an inconvenience or danger to someone else.
  • For safety reasons the bus driver is not able to assist with the carriage, loading or removal of a bike on or off the bus.
  • Bikes should be stored in the luggage rack or on the floor of the bus and not pose a danger or inconvenience to passengers.
  • Bikes should be stored in a manner that does not obstruct an aisle doorway or exit.
  • A passenger that brings a bike onto a bus does so at their own risk. ACTION is not liable for any damage, wear or tear that occurs to a bike as the result of its carriage aboard a bus.

Further information is available about bike and buses at

Pedal Power ACT is keen to receive any future feedback to concerning how well the policy is working.


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