Banana rails no longer permitted on paths

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A familiar sight installed on many paths in Canberra are deflection rails (commonly referred to as banana rails) – a device that has been initially installed on shared paths to restrict vehicles using the paths, or to avoid conflict with pedestrians or a hazardous part of the path.

Pedal Power ACT’s advocacy team made a number of representations to Roads ACT at the Bicycle Advisory Group meetings to stop the installation of such devices. In discussions surrounding the new set of infrastructure standards to be applied in the ACT, we are pleased to report that the ACT Government has made a commitment to no longer installing banana rails on any new path developed in Canberra. This is a big win for the Advocacy team.

A bollard is now the preferred deflection device to be installed on a path in Canberra, but only if deemed necessary for the safety of users. There are now new standards for the installation of bollards – the path will be split around the bollard and the spacing between bollards will be 1.4 metres.

Existing banana rails will not be removed unless identified as hazardous, so if members feel there is a path they ride where this would be the case, please notify ACT Government via Fix my street. If a member is unhappy with the response or outcome from this process, please notify our Advocacy team at


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  1. Tim C 25/11/2016 at 1:35 PM - 

    Can’t they at least put the reflective tape on the horizontal bars – these are very deceptive in the dark as the most obvious things reflecting are the posts, though the obstruction is much narrower than these posts suggest.

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