Belconnen bike riders: feedback wanted

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ACT Government's Transport and City Services have invited Belconnen residents to provide feedback on recent traffic management improvements introduced on Copland Drive and surrounding streets in Evatt, Melba and Spence to help evaluate their effectiveness.

“Being able to drive safely, but also walk or cycle safely around our suburbs, is really important and we want to do more to make our suburbs more active," said Minister for Transport and City Services Meegan Fitzharris.

The Minister is asking for feedback from residents who drive, walk or cycle down these streets each day to help determine if the improvements have achieved their purpose and helped create safer and more liveable streets.

If you ride your bike in the Belconnen area, we recommend that you fill out the survey to let the Government know how these cycling infrastructure changes have affected bike travel for you.

In June 2016, upgrades were introduced on Copland Drive and surrounding streets to improve pedestrian and intersection safety and reduce traffic speeds. The changes included:

  • Copland Drive – pavement markings to encourage motorists to stay in their lane, a painted median and shoulder between Moynihan and Clancy Streets to slow cars by visually narrowing the road, and four pedestrian refuge islands to help people cross the road.
  • Heydon Crescent – a set of speed cushions to slow traffic and a ‘Stop’ sign at the intersection with Clancy Street to improve traffic control at the intersection.
  • Clancy Street – a ‘Stop’ sign at the intersection with Copland Drive to improve traffic control at the intersection.
  • Kuringa Drive – extension of the 70 km/h speed zone.
  • Copland Drive, Heydon Crescent and Verbrugghen Street – vegetation maintenance to improve sight lines.
  • Clarey Crescent and Baddeley Crescent – installation of ‘50 km/h unless otherwise signposted’ reminder signs.

Feedback can be provided by completing an online survey at or a hard copy survey at the Belconnen Library. Hard copy surveys will also be delivered to all households in Evatt, Melba and Spence.

The Government will also undertake a technical analysis of traffic speed, volume and crash data as part of the evaluation. Along with the community feedback, this will help determine whether any modifications or additions need to be made to the implemented traffic management treatments.

Consultation closes Monday 3 April 2017.


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