Big Win for Pedal Power Advocacy Team

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Photo bikes on ACTION bus bike rack

In a long awaited announcement, bike racks will soon be fitted onto more ACTION buses.

By finally fitting racks on the longer articulated and steer-tag buses, 98% of ACTION buses will soon be able to carry bikes.  Minister for Territory and Municipal Services and Transport Reform Shane Rattenbury announced the move yesterday, which comes after years of the Pedal Power Advocacy Team pushing for greater number of bike racks on our buses.

Pedal Power is pleased to see the move, as buses with racks benefits members looking for ways to reduce their travel time and increase their travel distances. This promotes the Pedal Power mission to encourage more people to cycle more often. With 79,000 Canberrans riding a bicycle each week, knowing that the ACTION bus fleet is becoming more bike friendly will encourage more of the Canberra community to get on board with cycling. The Advocacy team first began encouraging all buses to be fit with bike racks in 2007, so congratulations for keeping up the pressure for this long anticipated win.

The announcement also included the allowance of electric-assisted bikes, known as pedalecs, on the bus bike racks. Australians are following the lead of older Europeans who are reluctant to give up cycling once their muscle power starts to wane, and we have seen pedalec sales are on the increase. With improved technology of electric motors and batteries, pedalecs are getting lighter and will therefore be easier to fit onto ACTION bike racks.

See here for the full statement from Minister Rattenbury and the Pedal Power media release.


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