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Diana Bennett and Annette Bartlett

Pedal Power mates call Diana and Annette "the twins" as they - completely unbeknownst to each other - chose identical bike gear and snazzy new road bikes upon graduating from the New Horizons program. They now ride together every Monday and we have eyewitnesses who testify to their speed.

Spring is so close we can almost feel it in the air, and it is the perfect time of year to get active outdoors.

Want to ride more on the weekends for leisure, or avoid the stress of traffic on the way to work? Not totally confident of your riding skills? New Horizons might be the answer.

The program includes:

  • Understanding your equipment
  • How and when to use your gears
  • Recognising your personal strengths and weaknesses on the bike
  • How to ride safely on the road
  • Meeting people to ride with

Our New Horizons program has been tailored for people who want to find confidence on the bike so they are capable of riding anywhere and more often, while meeting like-minded people.

The majority of participants from our last New Horizons course said they now feel more confident on the bike after participating in the program.

The next New Horizons program for 2016 will commence in October, and places are limited.

Please click here for the program information and details on how to register.

NH alumni

The Chronicle, Tues 23 Aug, p.2


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