Canberra’s mini festival of bike films

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Mountain-biking is a hot topic in the world of bikes right now, with more and more people giving it a go.

We're particularly lucky here in the ACT to have the conditions and forests to accommodate MTB, and an army of trail-builders led by Alan Vogt at Kowalski Brothers to make our backyard a biking-adventure playground.

But we still have a way to go to make ACT a world-class MTB destination. Our NZ cousins are leading the charge in that area, and we have a lot to learn from them - particularly where rail trails are concerned.

The New Zealand documentary ‘Muscle and Dreams’ tell the story of building the West Coast’s Old Ghost Road single-track trail, one of the great track-building feats of the modern era.

You can see this short film, and a series of other bike-related films, at a mini film festival that will be visiting Canberra in early October.

Muscle and Dreams - Trailer from WestCoastFilm on Vimeo.

Brett Cotter has curated the two-night event, starting with the Cycle Chic Film Tour on October 9. The festival will finish on October 10 with the Big Bike Film Night.

“I’m really chuffed about the array of films on offer, and in particular showcasing the home-grown ‘Muscle and Dreams’ to our Canberra audience," said Brett.

"It’s an epic story, and this is ‘the jewel in the crown’ of films being shown; I’d describe it as the definitive kiwi cycling story of our era.”

The Cycle Chic Film Tour will feature films involving women and bikes by emerging and established film makers.


The films include a story of a town planner whose big dream is to have a bike lane in her home city (easier said than done – she’s in East Africa); mountain biking in Japan; a couple’s journey across America by bike, where love and adventure come together; women from Melbourne fixated on riding “fixies”; and a moving story set in Afghanistan, on how bikes empower communities.

Buy tickets for the Big Bike Film Night here, and for the Cycle Chic Film Tour here.



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