CBR LBS: Local bike shop leading the way for bike-tourists

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CBR LBS is a spotlight on the wonderful Local Bike Shops (LBS) in Canberra. We’ll be featuring different Local Bike Shops weighing in on topics like buying bikes and bike equipment, how to keep your bike operating at its best, new products and much more. If you have a question or idea for a CBR LBS column, please get in touch



Recently one of the Pedal Power ACT team arrived late due to a puncture on her ride to work. She’d dropped her bike off at a local bike shop to get it fixed. Upon arrival at the office Rachel was teased for not being able to change her own bike tyre.

“Come on, I know how to change a tyre – but my bike has hub gears! Also, I just really like The Cyclery,” Rachel explained.

They replaced the tyre for her in less than 10 minutes. It isn’t their core business, but they are happy to assist all riders.

When The Cyclery was mentioned in the office, our Executive Officer John immediately suggested we feature them in our new CBR LBS column. But not for their great customer service – he wants to know more about their high-end bike rental service.

Cycle-tourism is one of the hottest topics in cycling right now, and the ACT should be at the forefront of this trend. Making bikes available for tourists will be an important feature of any cycle-tourism strategy, and The Cyclery is already ahead of the bike-rental movement.

The Cyclery is renowned for having one of the best bike rental services in Canberra. Called Destination Trail, the service offers the latest top end bikes from Specialized, Avanti and Brompton for rent.

We spoke to Mick Hart from The Cyclery about how their bike rental service works, and who uses it.

“It’s something we can offer that no other bike shops in Canberra do. You can actually take a top bike to your own trails, for a whole weekend, and that will show you how the bike performs,” said Mick.

He said that at the moment their bike rental service is used most frequently by locals who want to try out a bike before buying it, or people who are living temporarily in Canberra.

“We thought that if all of the models of bike we sell were available for both short test rides and longer hires, this would help customers to make a more informed choice on their purchase.”

“The main reason we got into it is because Canberra does have a transient population of business people and diplomats, and people hear about Stromlo, they hear about Majura, and instead of putting their bike on a plane they can rent a really great bike from us.”

Mick pointed out that the majority of ‘tourists’ they hire bikes to aren’t actually tourists, but visiting business people who want to get a ride in between meetings.

“The natural progression of the hire fleet has seen mostly Canberra locals taking our bikes out just to experience how good they really are, but also more and more customers are arriving in Canberra on business trips and taking the opportunity to ride the city’s many amazing roads and trails.”

“In our Braddon store we saw that there were many customers looking for a bike to just get around the city and see Canberra’s sites, which is why we have the Brompton folding city bikes for hire there. They are really easy and fun to ride, and it’s so convenient that you can take them anywhere, on the bus, in a café or your office.”

Mick mentioned that they have just expanded their fleet of bikes for rent, so it’s clear that The Cyclery are happy to invest in their bike rental service with an eye to whatever the future may hold.

“It is very important to us that we uphold a high standard of service with Destination Trail, which is why the majority of our fleet are close to the top-of-the-range models to ensure that our customers get the best possible ride. To make sure that they perform like new, all of our hire bikes are given the TLC that they deserve after every single ride.”

“We’re very proud to be able to say that Canberra is one of Australia’s best riding destinations for road and mountain bikers, and with the support of the ACT Government this is sure to grow and benefit the territory’s tourism further.”




The Braddon store specialises in the hire of Brompton city bikes and is focused mainly on commuters, while the Fyshwick Cyclery houses the main hire fleet of road and mountain bikes.

Find all the details about the Cyclery’s bike hire service on their website.

The Cyclery has stores in Braddon and Fyshwick. You can find their opening hours and address here. 



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