Cycle Works and Canberra’s commuter revolution

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The aim of the very first Cycle Works challenge last month was to get more people in Canberra to view bikes as a mode of transport rather than simply for recreation.

"114,000 Canberrans regularly ride a bike, but only 3% of those people use their bike for transport," said Pedal Power ACT Executive Officer John Armstrong. "There are so many benefits to riding to work, why wouldn't you do it if you already love being on a bike?"

"We had several people sign up who said they didn't have time to ride as much as they'd like to. By the end of the month they'd cycled a couple hundred kilometres, just by making a commitment to ride to work."

"It's a great way to boost your health, save money and even save time."

Whether you rode to work once in April, or every day; whether you met your Cycle Works goal, exceeded it or set your expectations too high - everyone who participated made the effort to cycle to work, and should be proud.

Every Canberran who rides to work is part of the commuter revolution, and together we are making the bicycle the future of transport in the ACT.

Together 595 of us rode and recorded 117,728 kilometres in April: a total of 6071 rides.

We had such an enthusiastic response that we're planning a new and improved Cycle Works challenge for spring. Keep up your ride to work habit throughout winter and watch this space for more.

Cycle Works Stats
Total kilometres logged: 117 728.60

Total number of rides: 6071
Total Number of workplaces: 110
Total Number of participants: 595
Average length of ride = 19.4km
Average number of rides per month = 10

Huge congratulations to our major prize winner for the first Cycle Works challenge, Mark Knowles.

Mark signed up for Cycle Works and rode to work in April 2017, and is now the proud owner of this bike, courtesy of Trek Australia.



If you missed out on the April challenge but want to stay up to date with all the Cycle Works news, you can join our mailing list. We'll be sending out news and information about commuting by bike in Canberra and the world, and you'll be the first to hear about the Cycle Works spring challenge later this year.


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