Cycling and the CBD

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This article was featured by Amelia Dale in “The Canberra Times – In the City” magazine. Issue 22 2015, page 26.

A surprising statistic to come out of some recent surveys related to people’s car ownership and transportation modes was that the inner north of Canberra (City, Braddon, Ainslie) had exceedingly high participation rates among those who chose to ride to and from work – a figure of approximately 20 per cent (rates across the rest of Canberra were reported at 2.8 per cent).

It is this inner-city living that allows people to live, work and play in an area where a car is hardly required.

Canberra provides an excellent environment for those who choose to ride a bike in the city. With the recent completion of the Bunda Street Shareway (part of the Civic Cycle Loop), all sections of the community can get in and around Canberra on a bike in a safe and hassle-free environment.

The inner city provides all of the services that are attractive to the broader community, with the diversity of retail and entertainment options only a short ride from home. And with bike-friendly streets, an active bike traveller can get all that they need without the parking hassles.

Businesses too, love the bike rider. A recent review of San Francisco businesses indicated that after a cycleway was built in front of their stores, retail spend went up by between 15 and 45 per cent. Evidence has also indicated that the motoring community spends larger sums less often, while the cycling community spends in smaller sums far more often, leading to an overall increase in the business trade. With the entertainment value that the streets of Braddon offer, plus the established fashion and broader retail environment of the city centre, the CBD offers a lot for a bike rider to explore. A common concern from potential cyclists that we are often asked about is the weather.

With the cooler months on us, it is important to look to the correct clothing to allow you to continue to enjoy the fun associated with riding a bike. A good pair of gloves is essential. The beauty of a bike is that you can wear your ‘going out’ clothes if you live within a three to five-kilometre radius of your destination without breaking a sweat.

All this means that pretty soon the toughest thing about travelling around the heart of Canberra will no longer be finding a car parking spot – it’s going to be finding a free spot to lock your bike up!
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