Cyclist sues for more bike paths

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A cyclist in Brussels, Belgium, is waiting no longer for local authorities to build bike lanes in his hometown and one of Europe’s oldest cities. Instead, he turned to 'crowdfunding' to sue parliament into building more bike lanes.

Joost Vandenbroele is 33, lives and works in Brussels, has a young family and says he “moves mostly by bike”.

Frustrated by the inadequate infrastructure and poor conditions of existing bike paths in his city, Vandenbroele decided to tackle the problem in two ways.

Firstly, he took the legal route and engaged a team of lawyers to explore all the legal avenues associated with everyone’s “right to a safe bike path” (our Flemish isn’t great so we're assuming this is some sort of published government guideline).

Secondly, he needed irrefutable evidence about the dangers cyclists in Brussels face every day.  He needed bike riders to wear cameras.

Of course he also needed money so he turned to crowdfunding to raise €5500 ($AUD8500). It took him 40 days and 174 donations to reach his target.

It will be interesting to see what happens now!

If your Flemish is good check out Vandenbroele’s Growfunding page.


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