Dickson Centre Development Proposal Approved

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Dickson Master Plan

At the start of April we reported about the Dickson Centre Master Plan – an initiative to create an innovative and safe hub, providing access to diverse services and amenities for the community.

We highlighted there was little consideration given to cycle facilities and non-vehicular movement through the proposal Centre, and that subsequent application was seen disapproved and in need of amendments.

But now, three months down the track - the latest version has been approved and the Dickson Centre Development Proposal has been given the green light.

So what has changed?

Not much really. An extended shared zone will make it a bit easier for people to walk and ride in the immediate vicinity of the supermarkets' entry and it looks like there will be 20 bicycle parking spaces outside the shops.

It is not clear how the development connects to the main community routes for walking and cycling. It certainly looks like a very disappointing missed opportunity by the developer to creatively cater for the part of our city that has the highest level of cycling in Canberra.

A meeting of the people and groups still concerned about the development was planned for Thursday 21 July at 7.30pm at Daramalan’s Hall, however it has now been cancelled. Further information will be provided to everyone who expressed an interest in attending.


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