Did you know – Economic overview of Australian cycling

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Riding a bike and being consistently active contributes a lot towards the community’s benefit, but it’s not always easy to understand the extent.

An infographic prepared by the Cycling Promotion Fund has identified the impact riding a bike can have on health, active travel and the environment.














The key statistics highlighted in the infographic are:

  • $13 billion – Congestion is projected to cost Australia $13 billion in 2011. 50% of car trips are less than 5 km.
  • $9.6 billion – Car trips cost 5.9c a km in CO2, air, water and noise pollution. In 2010 we drove cars more than 163 million km.
  • $254 million – Events and tourist trails generate $254 million a year in Australia.
  • $40 million – $40 million Commonwealth stimulus package is generating $60 million local government investment, and creating 600 km of bike paths and 1314 jobs.
  • $13.8 billion – Inactivity costs Australia $13.8 billion a year. Everyday cycling can provide recommended activity levels and reduce this cost.
  • 4 million – 18% of Australians cycle in a typical week, 1.6 million use their bikes for transport.
  • $1 billion – Bike and accessories are worth $1 billion a year, generating $100 million GST revenue.
  • 10,000 – The Australian bicycle industry employs 10,000 people and generates $139 million income tax revenue.
  • $61.9 million – Regular bicycle riders take one less sick day than non-riders, saving businesses $61.9 million a year.
  • 4.2 million Households – More than half of Australian households have at least one bike.

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