Electric bike fleet popular with ACT Government staff

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A fleet of electric bikes introduced by the ACT Government has been employed enthusiastically by staff along the Northbourne-Civic corridor.

Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury said that the eight bikes have now traveled 2500 kilometres since last August – more than the distance between Canberra and Wellington.

“E-bikes are easy to use and provide a healthy and sustainable alternative to work cars and taxis for short work trips. The riders still need to pedal but the electric motor makes it easier and ensures they get to their work meeting comfortably and efficiently," said Mr Rattenbury.

The Government's electric bikes can reach up to 25km an hour when the electric-assist motor is used.

Mr Rattenbury regularly rides his own bike to work, and encourages his staff to ride to work and to meetings. He has recently signed up to participate in and promote Cycle Works, Pedal Power ACT's ride-to-work program.

Cycle Works aims to get more Canberrans riding to work and meetings, and is supported by the ACT Government. Riding to work is widely recognised as beneficial for business and productivity, as well as providing individual benefits that range from a healthier lifestyle to saving money on transport costs.

“The ACT Government is committed to leading the way on carbon neutrality through increasing sustainable work travel options for staff. Directorates promote the use of active travel, walking, cycling or taking public transport, for short work trips,” Mr Rattenbury said.

The Minister said that most journeys take place between Dickson and Civic or Barton, making use of Canberra’s path network.

“As well as encouraging active travel and the health benefits of exercise, the use of e-bikes helps reduce costs such as taxi fares, car parking, bus fares and fleet running costs as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mr Rattenbury.

According to the Minister the success of the initial trial of eight e-bikes means that more directorates are now considering adopting the initiative, and the Government's fleet will soon expand.

Sign up for Cycle Works today and cycle to work in April 2017 for your chance to be rewarded for working cycling into your life.


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