Emus are the new magpies in Canberra

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“I encroached on it’s territory to try and get a photo and it reacted like a celebrity getting hounded by the paparazzi. Fair enough too. You can safely watch these birds, just give them a respectful distance.”

A video showing a large bird chasing a bike rider near Canberra has been quite the hit on social media in the past week. But it was not what most expected.

Chris Wilson posted the video on Facebook saying: “I think I’m used to magpies now, but getting ‘swooped’ by an emu is getting out of control.”

The emu incident took place on Paddys River Road, near the Cotter River to the west of Canberra.

Mr. Wilson passed a pair of emus, then stopped to take a photo. Then one of the birds chased Mr. Wilson. He managed to get away before the emu reached him.

Another bike rider approached, and also stopped to take a photo. Mr Wilson took his phone out and recorded the emu chase the other rider.

“I don’t think this emu is a menace at all,” Mr. Wilson said. “I’ve seen emus in captivity, but it was a thrill to be able to see how this one reacted with its natural instincts.”



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