Ever wondered how often ACT streets are swept?

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Pedal Power ACT's Advocacy team works hard throughout the year to inform and educate stakeholders on how we can make Canberra a better place to ride bikes. After a recent Bicycle Advisory Group meeting, our Advocacy representatives returned a report about current issues raised with ACT Government departments.

Pedal Power ACT regularly receives feedback from our members about paths around Canberra not being swept adequately.

Roads ACT is responsible for coordinating a street sweeping program on the ACT road and path network.

"Roads ACT conducts a comprehensive street sweeping program to remove leaves and debris from gutters along our road network. Every street in Canberra receives at least two sweeps every year. Over the period between May and August, our efforts are concentrated on the removal of leaf litter from the deciduous street trees in the inner north and south suburbs." 

You can see the schedule for that program here.

The ACT Government does not sweep the NCA controlled areas.

Arterial roads and associated cycle lanes are swept four times a year, while Northbourne and Adelaide Avenues are swept more frequently at about once a month.

Municipal streets are swept twice a year.

Streets with lots of leaves are swept more frequently when leaves are on the ground.

Pedal Power ACT members should continue to report when cycle lanes and paths require sweeping via the Access Canberra 'Fix My Street' website. ACT Roads relies on feedback from the public, as it can not inspect all the paths on a high frequency basis. Roads ACT has assured Pedal Power ACT that it responds to Fix My Street requests and will continue to do so.

When reporting, please give a clear description of where and what you are reporting. If you would like to be notified about what action has been taken, include your contact details and Roads ACT will respond when the issue you have reported is fixed.

Removal of some banana rails on the around Lake Burly Griffin path

Following extensive lobbying about some of the banana rails around the Lake Burly Griffin path not serving any useful purpose, Roads ACT undertook a survey of the rails and has concluded that out of a total of 18 sets of rails on the path, 8 will remain and 10 will be removed.

Our Advocacy team is now looking forward to a similar survey on the whole ACT path network and the removal of other redundant banana rails.

There are no plans to replace banana rails that are deemed to be serving a useful purpose.

If Pedal Power ACT members know of redundant banana rails, please advise Roads ACT via Fix My Street.

Please also report any hazardous bollards in the path network.

And finally, if you're interested in joining our Advocacy team, we're always looking for people to bring new ideas and action to help to make Canberra the best place to ride a bike. Send an email to advocacy@pedalpower.org.au and tell us you want to help!


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