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Late last week we received an email from one of our members, Bethany. She was looking for assistance in locating a fellow member of the Canberra cycling community. Please read on, and if you can help please get in touch at communications@pedalpower.org.au, and we’ll connect you with Bethany. 

My name is Bethany Chadwick.  I am a member of Pedal Power ACT.

I was pedalling home yesterday, after riding around Lake Burley Griffin, when I was struck with heat stroke. I was close to home but I just couldn’t go any further.  In fact I couldn’t stay upright anymore.  I stumbled to a shady spot, laid down my bike and then lay down next to it, on the corner of Wilkins Street and Mawson Drive.

Although I did have a mobile phone in my pocket, I really couldn’t think what to do.  I just lay there.  Every time I tried to sit up, I fell back down.

Luckily for me, Richard was driving passed and saw my predicament.  He reversed his car into a safer position on the side of a busy road and came over to see what was the problem.  He put my bike in the back of his car, even though it was an awkward fit, and took me home, even though I was helpless and unable to do anything except put my head between my legs and reveal to him the location of my keys.

Richard faced up to the so-called guard dog, who greeted Richard like a long lost friend.  Richard took my bike and belongings up to the back door, let himself in, made me up a much needed ice pack, checked that I was recovering and had no other pressing health issues. Richard then quietly left, saying only, and reluctantly, that his name was Richard and he had done some “touring” in his time.

Richard did not have to approach an old lady, laying down in the grass next to her bike. Goodness knows what he might have found and how long it would have taken him to resolve my issues.  I was so grateful he stopped and especially grateful that he was experienced enough to know what to do. I just could not think how to get myself home.

I should also thank Richard for keeping the whole embarrassing episode on the QT.  My niece rides with the Phoenix Cycling Collective.  She might be embarrassed to know her Aunty had to have a little lie down at the end of her street, after a leisurely 50kms ride on her old school, Trek hybrid bike. (50kms in last week’s heat seems fairly impressive to us! – Ed.)

If you by chance know a Richard “who has done some touring” please pass on my sincere thanks.  I took it easy for the rest of the day and suffered no further side effects of the episode.

See you out on the track.

Thanks to Bethany for sharing her Good Samaritan story with us. This is just one example of how the Canberra bike community helps each other out on a daily basis. If you know Richard, give him a pat on the back for us! 


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