Exploring new opportunities for cyclo-tourism in Canberra

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Many Canberrans know and love our cycle tracks and paths, but what about the rest of Australia?

Cyclo-tourism, meaning people visiting a location specifically to take part in cycling activities, is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Capital Cycling hosted a forum in July that brought business, government leaders and practitioners together to discuss the way forward for cyclo-tourism in the region.

Four main themes emerged during the conversations, and these will provide a framework for our endeavours in the cyclo-tourism space. These themes were:

-        Research and data for effective decision making

-        Marketing and Exposure of the Canberra cyclo-tourism scene

-        Business opportunities that could be developed

-        Culture change required

The forum identified that there is a diverse range of potential visitors to Canberra who could take an interest in cyclo-tourism. This includes people such as independent travellers, conference attendees, racing or cycling participants, commuters and many more.

Other opportunities were also explored including engaging Canberra’s universities in more cycling related research and improving marketing through maps, brochures, signage and online material.

Pedal Power ACT and Capital Cycling will look to work directly with the ACT Government on a number of initiatives, including establishing the ACT as a bicycle friendly city at key entry points such as the airport and Federal Highway, and on developing a marketing strategy that will heavily promote Canberra’s cycling amenities.

John Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer of Capital Cycling and Pedal Power ACT Executive Officer, said that the conversations were productive and that he looks forward to seeing the evolution of cyclo-tourism in Canberra and the region.

“We’re lucky in Canberra to have access to a fantastic bike path infrastructure, great roads and many exciting destinations that can be easily accessed by bike,” said John.

“The forum was insightful and productive, and paves the way for us to share our brilliant cycling infrastructure with the Australian and global cycling community. It’s yet another drawcard for people to visit Canberra.”

Watch this space as we make progress on actions discussed at the forum.


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