FAQs – Kids riding in Amy’s Big Canberra Bike Ride

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Is there a minimum age for riders? Cyclists must be at least six years of age to register and ride independently on their own bike.  Children five or younger are not permitted to ride on their own but are welcome to accompany a parent or adult carer in a suitable bike seat, tag-along or trailer.

Does my child have to wear a helmet? Yes, yes, yes! All helmets must comply with Australian Standards and display an Australian Standards Approved sticker.

Can children ride the longer routes? Children must be at least 12 years of age to ride the 68km and 110km routes. They should be confident cyclists, have some experience of riding similar distances and they MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Are tag-a-longs, bike seats and bike trailers allowed? Yes, tag-a-longs, bike seats and bike trailers are permitted on the 20km route but all children must wear a properly fitted helmet. Accompanying adults must ensure trailers, bike seats and tag-a-longs are in good working order and safely secured.  Tag-a-longs, bike seats and bike trailer are NOT permitted on the 35km, 68km or 110km routes.

What if my child cannot continue the ride? There will be support vehicles moving along each route to collect riders of any age who can’t continue. Mobile first aid officers will be on-hand to tend to minor injuries.

What distances are recommended for children? The 20km and 35km routes are both nice and flat and on closed roads and bike paths. It is the parent or adult carer’s responsibility to determine the fitness and skill level of the child and whether or not they are capable of riding the distance.  Try a few training rides and increase the distance each time.

Will the slower children be in the way? No. The family ride starts after all the other riders on the longer routes have started.

Are there event jerseys in children’s sizes? We do not have event jerseys in children’s sizes. However, there are a limited number of smaller jerseys (S and XS) that are likely to fit older children but get your order in quick!

Will there be food and refreshments en route? There will be water stations at regular intervals on all routes and refreshments (including fruit and cake) at Stromlo Forest Park.

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