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Have you ever contacted Canberra Connect to complain about a section of bike path that needed repair? Perhaps you’ve called to point out that a local intersection needs ramps for children riding to school? Maybe you reported the need for a short piece of path to complete the link from your suburb to the closest shops?

Roads ACT collects these requests and, in collaboration with community groups like Pedal Power, prioritises them for action as part of the ongoing Capital Upgrades Program.  The list includes hundreds of issues – big and small – that have been identified by members of the public.

Jeff Ibbotson, Leader of Pedal Power’s Advocacy Group, met with Roads ACT last week to start the review process.

“Of course, we’d love to see everything on the list achieved as soon as possible but we have to be realistic. There are time and funding constraints that have to be taken into account.

“We don’t pretend to know what’s most important across the whole of Canberra so we’re setting up small working groups from each of the main town centres and the various city areas to consider the suggestions,” explained Jeff.

Pedal Power is looking for people who live in those areas to join the working groups and provide fresh eyes and an informed perspective on what’s most important.

“These small infrastructure changes are vitally important and not just at a local level. They all add up to fill in the gaps in the cycle network around the whole of Canberra,” said Jeff.

And it’s not too late to submit a suggestion. If there is an issue in your area that’s been overlooked or neglected and it has the potential to improve cycling, email the details to

The Pedal Power Advocacy Group will meet on Monday evening in the organisation’s Civic offices (2nd Floor of the Griffin Centre, 20 Genge St) to start the process of review. A report is due at Roads ACT by the end of April. If you’d like to be involved, email or just come along.


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