Go Green by recycling your old bike – or grabbing a second hand bargain!

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Canberrans love cycling and we all love our bikes but for a small city we throw a lot of good bikes on the scrap metal pile. The Recyclery and the team at The Green Shed in Mitchell have come up with a solution to this that saves the bikes of Canberra and gets them back out on the road. 

The Recyclery employs people with a disability to recycle and revive old bikes and sell them back to the community at an affordable price. With the support of The Green Shed the Recyclery has access to many bikes and parts and so can employ more people, and save more bikes! 

Recyclery manager Jeff Thompson told Pedal Power how re-using bikes is by far the best outcome. “Think about all the bits and pieces that make up a bike, from the tyres up. Rubber, metal, cables – all natural resources dug up from the ground, manufactured and put together to make a bike. It doesn’t make sense to melt it down after all that effort. Bikes should be like cats – they should have nine lives at least!” 

“We see some beautiful bikes come in that have had one lady owner and have always been garaged. We also get bikes that four or five people have already worked on in backyard sheds and they’re still good for a few more years. Even the totally trashed bikes have working parts we can salvage.  We are always after more bikes to repair so feel free to bring in your unwanted, preloved bike to the Green Shed on Flemington Road in Mitchell.” 

“At Mitchell we sell the revived Recyclery bikes 7 days a week, which is great news for customers looking for a working bike they can just take home and ride. You won’t have to be a home mechanic to enjoy the Canberra cycling experience. The Green Shed has generously donated workshop space and along with regular charity days The Green Shed sees its support of the Recyclery as part of its wider social responsibility.  Our ethos with regards to bikes is ‘every child deserves a bike’” added Sandie Parkes, Co-owner of the Green Shed.

The Recyclery currently employs 10 people with disability. “For a lot of these guys Recyclery has been their first job – fixing bikes requires attention to detail and patience and our team has really developed into a well oil machine – getting even more bikes back on the road.”

For more information contact The Green Shed, Flemington Road, Mitchell on 0467 830 011.


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