Going off the rails around Canberra: report and remove banana rails

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Before (with banana rails)

Last year Pedal Power ACT’s advocacy team secured a commitment from the ACT Government to stop installing deflection rails (commonly referred to as banana rails) on new paths in Canberra.

Existing banana rails will only be removed if identified as hazardous. Many of the banana rails on shared paths around Canberra do pose a hazard, but the Government needs to hear about it from people who regularly use the paths.

Pedal Power ACT members can report hazardous infrastructure to the ACT Government via Fix my street, and results continue to come in from members who have done just that.

Hi Pedal Power,


Thank you for suggesting that riders can ask the ACT government to remove banana rails via ‘Fix My Street’. I wrote on Fix My Street about the banana rails at the cycle/pedestrian footway across Parkes Way near New Acton, and today I got an email response telling me that they are going to be removed!


Very happy because I have intensely disliked those things since they were installed – they do nothing but create an unnecessary (and unsafe) bottleneck. And how refreshing for the ACT government to be so responsive!




Thank you to Robyn for reporting the hazardous deflection rails in New Acton – there are many bike riders who will be grateful for her efforts.

If you regularly ride past banana rails that are a hazard to people on bikes, we encourage you to report them for removal. It’s one small but direct way that you can help make the ACT a better place to ride a bike.

Let us know if you’ve had a win, or if you have any concerns about cycling infrastructure that has been reported to the ACT Government at advocacy@pedalpower.org.au.


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