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Over the next few weeks you can have your say on Capital Metro's proposals for the 12 kilometre light rail project from the city to Gungahlin. Pedal Power placed a submission some time ago to the Capital Metro people and has already commented on these proposals. Read the Pedal Power submission document here.

Our submission proposed requirements such as integration of the plans for the light rail with the existing cycling network, ensuring adequate bicycle storage facilities at rail stops, making provision for bicycles on the trains themselves and committing to minimal disruption to cyclists during construction of the light rail.

John Armstrong, Pedal Power Executive Officer, urged people to make their views known on this: "This is a major new transport project and it is crucial that it effectively integrates with the existing cycle network, and enhances the experience of cyclists travelling in the city. We have had our say as an organisation, but it is equally important that all cyclists in the wider public make their views heard to the government to send a strong signal around allowing provision for cycles within the light rail infrastructure.

"We urge people to go to the information sessions and fill in the feedback forms, or to go online and complete the survey at the official website - both of which have specific questions on cycle use, such as whether you would take cycles on the train and what storage facilities you would want."

A Capital Metro "pop-up shop" has been set up at 2 Mort Street at the City Bus Interchange in the CBD, with information sessions being held in Gungahlin and Dickson shopping centres at various times through July and August. You can have your own say now via the online survey on the Capital Metro website. This site also includes further details and a short film regarding the design proposal, information sessions and the opening hours of the pop-up shop.

Simon Corbell, Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development said: "This is the first opportunity for the community to see what light rail in Canberra might look like and I would encourage everyone to visit the pop-up shop, look at the proposed design and provide feedback.

"As this is an early design, no decisions have been made on the final product, so this is the most opportune time to influence the end design. It is vital the community take the opportunity to provide their feedback on how they would like the system to look and operate.”


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