Helmet models required for photography series

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Are you one of those dedicated bike-riders whose concern about attention from magpies outweighs your need for an aerodynamic silhouette?

Michael Masters is a photographer based in Isaacs, Canberra. Michael’s photography explores a range of genres including documentary, political, street and landscape photography.

He is currently looking for subjects to feature in his new portrait series, based on something very close to most Canberra bike-riders’ hearts (or more accurately, heads).

From Michael:

“I am seeking subjects for a small documentary portrait series that I’m undertaking of local Canberra cyclists who are using and wearing helmets with cable ties to ward-off magpie attacks. It’s probably getting late in the season but I’m looking for the most crazy cable tie additions to helmets to the most simple. Is there any way that PP would be able to help me find some people to work with – I’d envisage a portrait shoot would take 5 – 10 mins. Let me know what you think, grateful for any advice or suggestions you might have.”

If you are interested in being involved, please email Michael via contact@michaelmasters.com.au.

We look forward to seeing the results!


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