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The bleary eyed fans of the Canberra Cycling community have a few more late nights and early mornings to go before they can get some rest.

We applaud the impressive efforts of each Canberran riding at the Rio Olympics. Many of those athletes have demonstrated how important cycling is to them outside of the competitive environment.

We celebrated the efforts of Anna Meares in the Keirin final (bronze) and in seeking to defend her sprint crown.

In cheering on Anna Meares, we also remember the fantastic support that she provided to last year’s Amy’s Big Canberra Bike Ride.

Anna recognised the necessity for an effective safety message, saying that “Many people who ride a bike also drive a car, but not many people who drive cars also ride bikes. I really would love to be that bridging piece, to promote safe cycling, and to promote how to share the road safely together.”

Pedal Power ACT also congratulates Nathan Hart as the starter for the Men’s Olympic sprint, and Gracie Elvin for her efforts in the Women’s Road Race.

We wish all the best to each of the Canberra riders about to compete – Caroline Buchanan in the Women’s BMX and Rebecca Henderson in the Women’s Cross Country Mountain Biking.

And not to forget the Canberran Paralympians, our very own Nic Beveridge and Pedal Power ACT Ambassador Sue Powell.

The Canberra cycling community are behind you.


Amy’s Big Canberra Bike Ride 2015



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