Insurance, Membership and the Recent Court Decision

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The recent determination by a judge in the supreme court to award damages against a cyclist riding along State Circle in Canberra and the subsequent publicity surrounding the case has generated a real discussion point around the water cooler!

It is important to address some of the key concerns to our members and the general cycling community as a result of this decision. We express no opinion on the judgement that was made and the attribution of blame to the cyclist involved. Whilst we might express some surprise attached to the outcome, this ultimately is a decision for the judge.

Rest easy if you are a Pedal Power ACT member. We have worked hard to secure what we think is the best insurance coverage in the country for our members.  Membership automatically provides insurance for all members under the Personal Accident level of cover – a summary of that part of the insurance can be attained here. The insurance also covers Public Liability for up to $20 million. This would normally cover the Mercedes that you might have accidently scratched – but in the most recent case would have covered the $1.7 million public liability payout identified in the Supreme Court decision. How does the Pedal Power ACT insurance differ to similar insurance schemes? We have ensured that our insurance provides coverage to our members 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, worldwide for anytime that you are on the bike. Many other insurers offer similar cover for training and competition in “sanctioned events” only and some cover Australia and New Zealand only. There is no such restriction attached to the current Pedal Power ACT insurance.

Whilst this case has piqued the interest of all those who ride a bike and has sparked many people to review the tremendous value that Pedal Power ACT membership offers, we would hope that each member would recognise the excellent work that Pedal Power undertake in advocacy, recreational rides, introductory programs and events. This is on top of the discounts offered at all bike shops, event entry fees, bike maintenance programs and support provided by our legal partners, Snedden Hall and Gallop. Insurance is just one of the many benefits that members receive as part of their association with Pedal Power ACT.

Although Pedal Power does not construct shared paths or on-road facilities, we believe that our representation to government on your behalf has assisted in the benefits that all Canberrans enjoy every day – and we will continue to advocate on your behalf to get the best outcomes for the cycling public of the ACT and region.



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