Kate Auty and the role of the bicycle in Canberra

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“The role of Pedal Power ACT is important,” said Kate Auty, the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, at the Pedal Power ACT AGM last Tuesday night.

Kate identified that her office is full of women, and they all ride bikes.

“And whilst this isn’t about radical feminism,” said Kate, “it is about needing to show that all people in all differing circumstances can, in some way, show what each of us can do to engender a better environment for the ACT”

Kate applauded the advocacy work of Pedal Power and recognised that cycling is an important part of the mix when discussing environmental issues and sustainability in this city.

While acknowledging the role cycling plays in the community, the address also gave valuable advice for the way we approach advocacy.

“Change the question. Ensure that you understand the way others think and be prepared to revise the approach that you might take so that others can see the benefits.”

“Ultimately, we need to ask the question – What sort of city do we want to live in? – and cycling will always be an important part of the mix of any future liveable city” said the Commissioner.

From the AGM, Kate Auty went on to talk to The Wholesome Show where she extolled the virtues of the Pedal Power ACT volunteers.

The Wholesome Show’s Will Grant has agreed to become one of our Cycle Works Champions, to promote the benefits of riding to work.

They had a lot to talk about, and cycling is just one of the fascinating topics they covered- have a listen here.


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