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Imagine – A number of Cycle Training Facilities in Canberra that can provide primary school aged children within the community with an accessible, diverse and manageable recreation area.

Well, you won’t have to imagine too much longer, because there are Cycle Training Facilities in development as an initiative of the ACT Government (Justice and Community Services), and Pedal Power ACT has commented on design requirements.

The facilities will be in two locations – John Knight Park (Western Foreshore, Belconnen) and Lake Tuggeranong District Park (Eastern Foreshore, Greenway).

The facilities will enable primary school aged children to learn the road rules while on their bike in a real-time simulation. And more importantly, they will be as safe as they possibly can be while on a bike and learning on the road.

The building of the cycle training facilities is expected to be started in November 2016.


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  1. Neal Gowen 10/06/2016 at 4:42 PM - 

    Good to see more training areas being set up but can anyone tell me if the old one at Belconnen is still being used for cycle training?
    It still appears on Google maps at Purdue Street.
    When I was a motorcycle instructor we used to use that area for training learners in the early ’90s before we moved over to the old Phillip Motor Registry site.
    It would be a pity if the Belconnen site has been abandoned.

  2. Peter Hatfield 23/06/2016 at 10:39 PM - 

    It was closed a decade or more ago. Before then my kids used it a number of times, with school, and with me on weekends. It was fun and educative. I was told it was closed for liability reasons. – it was less of a danger for very small beginner cycles then trying to ride on busy paths such as that around the lake. It appears those issues have evaporated and they can open new parks, but a whole generation of kids missed out on using the Belco site.

  3. Peter Hatfield 23/06/2016 at 10:44 PM - 

    .. a further thought. Perhaps they should also allow learner car drivers to use it at the same time so the kids can really experience what it is like riding with traffic on narrow streets 🙂 . With the ACT government narrowing the car lanes in front of some of the schools in Belco, budding cyclists will need all the training they can get.

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