Light rail and bike riding: ongoing advocacy

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One of Pedal Power ACT's most important duties to our membership is to continually advocate to the ACT Government for the best infrastructure for people who ride bikes.

The light rail project, Canberra Metro, is one of the most significant recent infrastructure developments in the ACT. Pedal Power ACT's advocacy group has been active in making sure bike riders are considered throughout every stage of the process.

They were invited to consult on the 'Wayfinding Strategy Development' stage for the project.

A dedicated wayfinding signage system is being developed to serve users commuting to and from the new light rail stops. Along with specific information to direct customers to a stop entrance or exit, the wayfinding signage must factor in information about other modes of travel available to customers across the ACT network.

Pedal Power ACT's advocacy group gave input on behalf of those who ride bikes in Canberra, and also those who would ride bikes if adequate facilities were there. We hope that Canberra Metro takes the following points into account to make the transport network easier to use for people who ride bikes.

  1. The ACT Government has a policy prioritising active travel in the order of: walking first, cycling next, and then public transport
  2. The trams are to be designed to carry people with their bikes
  3. All tram stations are to have adequate (yet to be defined) bike storage facilities
  4. Thus people riding bikes will use the tram and ride to and from the stations
  5. In the ACT, people can legally ride bikes on all shared paths including foot paths and presumably will ride up to and away from the tram stations
  6. There is an extensive network of off-road shared paths in Canberra that is being augmented around the tram stations to, presumably, encourage people to ride to and from the tram
  7. The planned nominal 250 m radius from the tram station for wayfinding signs is a very short distance for people on bikes
  8. Signage for people on bikes should probably be up to at least 500 m from the stations
  9. There is an existing signage system (for people walking and riding bikes) on the shared path network and that system should be integrated into your wayfinding signage (colours, symbols, etc)
  10. The shared path network signage should include the tram stations as a node to be signed towards
  11. ACT Government is developing trunk routes on parts of the shared path network and the proposal is to have names and symbols for those trunk routes and those names and symbols should be included in the direction signage in the wayfinding signage

If you would like more information on the work Pedal Power ACT's advocacy group does, you can see the Advocacy section of our website. You can also read more on how you can get involved.


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