Local cyclist on epic journey in memory of grandfather

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Canberran cycling enthusiast John Goyne is an extraordinary 16 year old. While many teenage boys are obsessing over music and video games, Josh is in intensive training for a 679km marathon journey by bike from Canberra to Melbourne. He is doing this for a very worthy cause, to raise money and awareness for stroke victims in honour of his grandfather who was paralysed from the chest down by a series of strokes last year and sadly passed away recently.

As Josh himself explains: “I don't want anything for Christmas this year, just to make my grandfather proud through doing the ride in his honour…I was really upset when my grandfather had his fifth stroke last year. I went for a long bike ride and that's just how I got the idea. I hadn't touched a gear bike until two months before that. I put my mind to it and just did it."

However his road to fitness for the journey has not been a smooth one; and he has suffered a neck injury and an ankle injury whilst out training in recent weeks. Hearing this, Pedal Power ACT has stepped in to offer Josh some assistance that will see him covered by insurance for the duration of his trip and beyond. John Armstrong, Executive Officer of Pedal Power said: “This is a great example of a young rider getting on his bike and doing something worthwhile for a great cause. Pedal Power fully support Josh in his endeavors and wish him well on his journey in December.”
Josh’s journey from Canberra to Melbourne will begin on December 6 and he aims to complete it in five days.

Anyone who is interested in donating money to the cause can do so via http://www.facebook.com/strokeawarenessride


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