Location of the ‘alternative path’ for the shared path by-passing Woden

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Alt route location map

We now know the location of  the ‘alternative path’ for the shared path by-passing Woden to the East between Hindmarsh Drive and Surprize Place along the Easty Street alignment and to the East of the concrete drain. 

For some time there have been two sign on that path advising users that ‘Path will be closed from, 3/3/2014 to 29/8/2014, use alternative route’.
Many members (and we suspect others) have be perturbed as to what ‘alternate route’ to use.

At last, we have an interpretation of ‘use alternative route’.

After many representations, we are advised by a TAMS representative that:

  • The ‘alternative route’ to be provided will be along the route shown in the image below.
  • As there are a limited number of detour options available at this location, the detour route proposed is considered (by TAMS) to be the shortest and most practical detour route available.
  • Prior to the closure of the shared path, the contractor will widen the all existing 1.2 m wide concrete paths along the ‘alternative route’ to 2.0 m.
  • The contractor will construct a new 2.0 m wide concrete path to link the paths between Hindmarsh Drive and Surprize Place along the Easty Street alignment.
  • As the existing shared use path does not provide lighting except in a small area adjacent to the Woden Green Estate, there will not be any requirement for the contractor to provide lighting along the alternative route’.

Alt route location map



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  1. Andrew Smith 21/02/2014 at 11:12 PM - 

    it is disappointing once again seeing a developer having the ability to close a main route bicycle track and offer firstly no alternative and then a substandard alternative. they wouldn’t be able to do that with a main road.

    whats wrong with moving the path down to the lower level of the terrace immediately below the current path and then building a ramp up to the old path once the obstruction is passed? that would be a far better outcome. Hindmarsh seems to be able to get away with a lot. They should have been forced to make an underpass under Surprise Place in the first stage of their development. Now they are making the bike path even more dangerous for cyclists by increasing the traffic at the intersection.

    Developers make fortunes at the same time as skimping on facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

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