Lolliepops are here at Canberra school crossings

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A School Crossing Supervisor program is now in place at 20 school crossings in the ACT. The supervisors will help children cross the road safely by directing traffic with a stop sign and providing instructions to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. They will also help reduce congestion around busy schools by managing the flow of pedestrians and motorists.

Cyclists are now allowed to ride across crossings and must slow to 10km/h , check for approaching traffic and be prepared to stop. Cyclists must also keep to the left of the crossing and give way to any pedestrians on the crossing, particularly children.

The ACT Government is encouraging cyclists to support the school crossing supervisor initiative by riding appropriately in the vicinity of the children, listening to the supervisor’s instructions and dismounting if required to protect the safety of children. The program aims to increase safety around schools, which will allow more children to walk and ride to school independently.

One of the crossings included in the program is the pedestrian crossing on David Street on the Sullivans Creek shared path, near Turner School. A full list of supervised crossings is available at:


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