New format for the Bicycle Maintenance Courses

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2016 will see the introduction of an exciting new format for the Bicycle Maintenance Courses. The maintenance courses have proven to be consistently popular throughout the years and the revised format provides a stronger focus on the hands-on delivery and the specific focus on specific parts of the bicycle.

We will still have the Bike Basics program that will give you the skills to get home if there is a standard mechanical mishap (flat tyre, brakes rubbing, chain maintenance, etc). The question that is often asked is “What is it and what does it do?” The Bike Basics program is a basic orientation to the bike and its components and the very basic functioning of each of the components are described at the lay person’s level. This will assist you in knowing how to operate your bike well. It also includes the basic maintenance stuff, like lubing the chain and doing a safety check.

The big change for 2016 is in the Intermediate level. Following on from the Bike Basics, two intermediate courses are offered – each course focuses on different areas of the bicycles and are run on alternate months (see dates and times).  Each course focuses on specific areas of the bike and covers inspection, servicing and replacement of parts and how to correctly use the tools.

Course 1 will focus on the gears and brakes. Looking at how the gears work and addressing front & rear gears for both mountain & road bikes; cable adjustments – inspect for cable damage both inner & outer cables and replacement; bent and worn derailleurs & hangers; and worn chains & cassettes.

The course will also address brakes for both mountain & road bikes; road callipers, V-brakes, cantilever brakes & mechanical disc brakes; brake cable adjustments making sure brakes are mounted correctly; pad inspection, adjustment and replacement and inspecting brake cables for both inner and outer cables.

Course 2 will focus upon the cranks, bottom bracket, hubs and headsets. This course looks at the removal and replacement of cranks; the types and sizes of bottom brackets; removal and replacement of bottom bracket as well as inspecting for worn parts & damaged bearings.

The opportunity to open up and inspect the hubs, view them for damage and even get your hands dirty regreasing and adjusting the cones on the hub awaits you in this course. The removal and replacement of headset and correct adjustment of the headset will also be addressed.

For full course details, fees and to register click here.


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  1. Adrian Benstead 15/01/2016 at 10:02 PM - 

    The changes would be an improvement. I attended an intermediate course last year, and while it was illuminating and inspired me to do a few things I haven’t done before with the bike, I’m still not confident or competent to do as much as I would like. I think it would be beneficial for members if there were occasional drop-in workshops to which we could bring creaking, clicking, squeaking machines and someone could tell us “you need to service that bottom bracket”, “that cassette is worn out and should be replaced”, etc.. Then we could confidently apply lessons learned at the bi-monthly classes. One of my bikes would be a case in point. I’ve serviced it to the limit of my competence, but still it creaks and clicks and it’s just no fun to ride anymore.

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