Off with the Training Wheels with ABC Canberra

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Want your child to be able to ride a bike but not sure how to approach the learning-to-ride process?

Pedal Power ACT Executive Officer John Armstrong visited the ABC Canberra studio to offer some tips on the best way to teach young children to ride. They discussed the psychological hurdles involved, balance bikes, training wheels, how teaching kids to ride has changed over the years, and much more.

Laura and John also discussed learning to ride as an adult, after Laura’s experience trying the Pedal Power ACT program Cycle Well.

You can listen to the audio now on ABC Canberra’s website.

Find out more about our riding program for older kids, Active Rides.

More on the learn-to-ride program for adults, Cycle Well.

Listen to the audio now:


666 training wheels

Off with the training wheels on 666 Canberra (audio)


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